openbook was founded in 2021 to support researchers and students to pursue their academic passions and get funding for research contributions without needing to apply for support from traditional research institutions. Our vision is to decentralize the university.

Team Members

Jayant Gopalan, Founder and CEO

Jay pursued a double major at Harvard where he studied Mathematics and Philosophy with a minor in Economics and a language citation in Tamil. At Harvard, he directed the College Students for Excellence in Secondary Schools. He also regularly traveled to Bogotá, Colombia to teach in a data science boot camp for mid-career professionals. He has experience in technical and non-technical product development from Correlation One, where he designed an examination to recruit portfolio managers which is in use at the most sophisticated hedge funds in the world. Before founding openbook, Jay was a quantitative trader at IMC Trading.

Manyung Emma Hon, COO

Emma graduated from the George Washington University with a degree in General Engineering and a Biotech startup Envirobe. She co-founded Envirobe in her Junior year and led the company as Chief Operating Officer. For the past two years, she managed a cross functional team to develop Envirobe’s biotechnology and strategize the business plans with data driven models. As a result, Envirobe was awarded multiple prizes in major entrepreneurship competitions, including Clean Energy Prize @ MIT, NYU Entrepreneurs Challenge, and the GW New Venture Competition.

Zachary Hervieux-Moore, CTO

Zach holds a bachelor degrees in Mathematics & Engineering and Economics from Queen’s University. He worked at Altera Corp. (now Intel PSG) as a software engineer responsible for the internal testing infrastructure. He has a PhD from Princeton University, where his research focused on applied reinforcement learning. During the PhD, he gained vast educational experience teaching data science courses throughout North and South America and receiving the teaching excellence award at Princeton. Most recently, he worked as a data scientist for Stratyfy, a B2B fintech startup in New York City, where he built the core algorithm and supported the CEO in technical material during investor and customer acquisition meetings.

Nicole Osborn, UX Engineer

Nicole graduated from Northern Arizona University with a BA in Anthropology before beginning a 13-year career in higher education at the University of Phoenix. At the University of Phoenix, she helped students of various backgrounds achieve their academic goals in a non-traditional online format. During that time, she continued her own education by earning a Master of Science in Psychology as well as technical certificates in A+ Fundamentals and Database Management. Her continued interest in understanding human behavior and a budding interest in technology led her to a career in User Experience Design and Software Development, where she can identify and solve human problems through enjoyable user experiences.