How does openbook work?

When you upload a research paper, our AI system learns your interests and finds people with similar interests. Reviewers give you a grade and feedback to improve, and our system recommends you students, advisors, and other scholars for collaboration.

Who is openbook for?

The most valuable part of an education is connection to mentors and peers who can teach and offer professional opportunities. openbook connects you to the right community to support your unique interests, even if you don't have the time to attend school full-time. Have your cake and eat it too.

Who reviews my papers?

Your reviewers are determined based on two factors: (1) your interests, and (2) your level. Reviewers are chosen from our pool of scholars who have demonstrated scholarly interests at a high enough level to give feedback.

Why openbook?

School is challenging. In addition to money and time, the list of educational options is complicated and impossible to navigate without mentors who understand education and research. openbook is the place to meet these mentors. openbook is the place to improve your skills and meet people who can help with your journey.

What if I can't write a research paper by myself?

Our AI system recommends you students, advisors, and other scholars for collaboration. To enhance your research ability, you can work closely with a dedicated advisor who can help you build a research project.

I'm a university student. Can I use openbook?

Yes! If you upload completed work, we will find your community of advisors and collaborations to build your academic interests.

I never went to college. Can I use openbook?

Yes! As long as you're enthusiastic to learn, you are welcome in our community.

Is openbook really free?

Access to our community is free. This includes grading and detailed feedback on your work, as well as recommended collaborations. To work individually with an expert advisor and get in-depth mentorship, you compensate your advisor for their time.

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